The epitaxial cluster brings together the various growth activities that form the basis of research conducted at CRHEA. It brings together 13 researchers and 8 engineers around epitaxial reactors adapted to the growth of materials with wide band gaps, including III element nitrides, but also SiC and ZnO as well as 2D materials like graphene.

Bâti de croissance EJM MOCVD growth frame

The different equipments are mainly distinguished by the epitaxial method, either by ultrahigh-vaccuum molecular beam epitaxy (MBE, 8 reactors) or by vapor phase epitaxy (CVD or MOCVD, 6 reactors).

We can then further differentiate them by the epitaxial materials and the types of sources, their geometry, their capacity (from 2'' to 8''), or the accessible temperatures (up to 1700° C). The table below gives a description of the various reactors, classified by growth method and material.

MBE reactors (8)

Reactor Materials Capacity Specificities Fundings/projects Remarks
Riber Compact 21 ZnMgO 3" Plasma O Zoterac (FET-Open)
Riber Compact 21T III-nitrides 4" NH3, plasma N GraNitE, OptoTeraGaN, Destinee, ED-GaN, GoSiMP, BREAkuP, ShoGaN, NEMSGaN
Riber 32P III-nitrides, rare earth 2" Gd and Sm sources
Riber C21S III-nitrides 3" NH3, high temperature Projets ANR
Riber R32P (JB) III-nitrides 3" Mg doping NanoGaNUV Connected to Riber 32P (BD)
Riber R32P (BD) III-nitrides 3" Obelix, Duvet, Napoli Connected to Riber 32P (JB)
Riber Epineat ZnMgO 3" Plasma N, O Plug-And-Bose, ZONE
Riber 49 III-nitrides 8" NH3, Plasma N Partenariats industriels

CVD/MOCVD reactors (6)

Reactor Materials Capacity Specificities Finance/projects Remarks
Aixtron 6 III-nitrides 8" Showerhead GaNex
Thomas Swan CCS III-nitrides 4" Showerhead
R1 (home-made reactor) SiC, graphene 2" High temperature Graphmet, GoSiMP, Granite, H2Mems
Aixtron 200 III-nitrides 2" Horizontal
Vertical (home-made reactor) III-nitrides 2" O2 gas line NanoGaNUV
R5 (home-made reactor) III-nitrides 2" High temperature GaNex