19 current PhDs

Quantum nano-photonics with 2D materials

Photo Aberrahim Lamrani Aloui

Development of semiconductor inspection and metrology machines incorporating metasurfaces

Photo Amir Loucif

Quadriwave lateral shearing interferometry for complex wave fronts charactterization. Application to metasurfaces

Photo Yanel Tahmi

Pixelated Micro-metalenses arrays for images sensors

Photo Martin Lepers

Optic metasurfaces based LiDAR

Photo Emil Marinov

Growth of graphene on Germanium on insulator: fabrication, properties and applications

Photo Chiara Mastropasqua

Epitaxy and study of the properties of superconducting NbN / III-N hybrid materials

Photo Antoine Pedeches

Development of Aluminum-rich Element III Nitride heterostructures for lateral power electronics

Photo Reda El Waradi

Directional electroluminescent metasurfaces of element III nitrides (AlGaN) doped with quantum dots

Photo Nikita Nikitskiy

Technological developments of components based on GaN on Silicon for the manufacture of power amplifiers for 5G and + high-speed telecom networks

Photo Elodie Carneiro

Reconfigurable metasurfaces in phase change materials

Photo Fouad Bentata

Epitaxial growth of HEMTs ScAlN / GaN heterostructures

Photo Caroline Elias

Integrated photonics with III-nitride semiconductors

Photo Nagesh Bhat

Flexible nanowire-based light emitting diodes

Photo Julien Bosch

Development of materials based on aluminum nitride and application to the production of ultra-violet light-emitting diodes

Photo Aly Zaiter

Integration of highly spin-polarized ferromagnetic oxides with ZnO-based 2D and 1D nanostructures: growth, structure, properties and first demonstrators

Photo Ismail Madaci
  • Phd student : Ismail Madaci
  • PhD advisor : Yves Dumont (GEMAC)
  • University : Versailles saint Quentin en Yvelines
  • Date of incription : 01/02/2020

From nano heteroepitaxy to micro LEDs based on GaN

Photo Kilian Baril

GaN-based single-photon emitters at telecom wavelengths: electrical injection and room-temperature operation

Photo Max Meunier

Atomic scale studies of high O and Si doping effects on III-N films properties

Photo Valéria Bonito Oliva