CRHEA hosts many companies and startups in its premises. These companies benefit from the scientific environment, the hall white, technical installations and characterization tools laboratory materials.

Logo Novasic

NOVASiC (based at Le Bourget du Lac, 73) is a world leader in the polishing of materials, in particular silicon carbide (SiC). In order to extend its skills and its activity on Silicon Carbide, NOVASiC has since 2001 on the CRHEA site a Novasic-CRHEA joint activity in the field of growth reactors and epitaxy.
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Logo EasyGaN

EasyGaN is a spin-off that was created in 2017 by CRHEA researchers in collaboration with former students. Easy-Gan has built on the know-how developed at CRHEA on the growth by molecular beam epitaxy of GaN on Si. EasyGan relies on patented processes. Its main objectives are to open the market for GaN technologies on silicon and to provide MOCVD compatible solutions by providing epiready templates for optoelectronic, electronic and other applications. EasyGaN is supported by the public investment bank.
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Logo Klearia

CRHEA and CNRS have signed an accommodation and collaboration agreement with Klearia, which has been set up on CRHEA's premises since March 2018. Klearia is a start-up from the CNRS, which develops glass microfluidic devices. high added value also called "chip labs" and dedicated to users of flow chemistry and analytical chemistry. This start-up was previously housed in the premises of the Center for Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies in Marcoussis in the Paris region. Klearia chose CRHEA for its environment and its technological platform of micro and nano-manufacturing CRHEATEC.
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