Patrice Genevet, winner of the Fabry - de Gramont 2021 prize awarded by the Société Française d'Optique (07/2022)

Patrice Genevet winner of the Fabry prize

The Fabry-de Gramont Prize of the Société Française d'Optique was established in memory of the physicist Charles Fabry (1867-1945), first general manager of the Institut d'Optique, famous for his work on interference, and of Mr. Armand de Gramont (1879-1962), industrial optician, founder of the Institute of Optics.

The prize rewards a young researcher (under 40 years old), recognized internationally, whose research were noted for their quality, originality and potential impact.

Patrice Genevet is rewarded for his innovative work on optical metasurfaces.

1st EDSFA thesis prize for Nolwenn Le Biavan (12/2020)

Picture of Nolwenn Le Biavan

This work was carried out within the framework of the ZOTERAC european project coordinated by CRHEA. This thesis was defended on 13/11/2019.
They focus on the growth and characterization of ZnO / (Zn, Mg) O heterostructures which are at the heart of components called quantum cascade lasers and enabled the first demonstration of an emitter in THz at room temperature.

Selection of related articles:

Super-resolution Optical Spectroscopy of Nanoscale Emitters within a Photonic Atom Probe
Optical Phase Transition in Semiconductor Quantum Metamaterials
Observation of Intersubband Absorption in ZnO Coupled Quantum Wells
Homoepitaxy of non-polar ZnO/(Zn,Mg)O multi-quantum wells: From a precise growth control to the observation of intersubband transitions

i-LAB 2019 Contest : EasyGaN 2022 awarded (06/2019)

Logo of Easygan EasyGaN 2022, spin-off from CRHEA in 2017, is the 5th winner of the i-LAB 2019 competition in the category "Electronics, signal processing and instrumentation". This young company created by CRHEA researchers in collaboration with former students, was built on the know-how developed at CRHEA on growth by molecular beam epitaxy of GaN on silicon.

Aimé Cotton Award 2017: Patrice Genevet awarded (04/2019)

Picture of Patrice Genevet The French Physics Society awarded the 2017 Aimé-Cotton Prize to Patrice Genevet, a CNRS researcher in the CRHEA laboratory in Sophia-Antipolis, for all of his theoretical and experimental work on optical metasurfaces.
Founded by the Council of the French Physics Society in 1953 to honor the memory of Aimé COTTON, this prize is awarded annually to a young physicist working in the field of atomic and molecular physics. For technical reasons, the Aimé-Cotton 2017 prize was not awarded on time. So, two prizes (2017 and 2018) were selected by the Aimé-Cotton prize jury during its last deliberation. The prize will be awarded at the 25th General Conference of the French Physics Society to be held at the Nantes Congress Center from 8 to 12 July 2019. Read more...

2018 Innovative SME Contest: EasyGaN Awarded (12/2018)

Photo de la cérémonie EasyGaN, a startup from CRHEA, has received the "Innovative SME of the Digital SUD 2018" award in the "Microelectronics" competency area. This competition was organized by the Global Competitiveness Cluster "Secure Communicating Solutions" with the active support of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur SUD Region.
The prize was awarded on 19 December 2018 at Amadeus (Sophia Antipolis).
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Pierre Laffitte Award 2018: an award-winning CRHEA PhD student (10/2018)

Photo de la cérémonie Gauthier Brière, PhD student at CRHEA in the Nano team is a laureate of the second edition of the Pierre Laffitte Award, designed to reward 2nd year PhD students for the quality of their work and their link with innovation.
This thesis is funded by the ERC Flatlight grant agreement 639109 and managed by Patrice Genevet, nanoCrHeation group.
Eight PhD students have passed the preselection before being confronted by an academic and industrial jury.
This prize is supported by the SFA and STIC doctoral schools of the Côte d'Azur University.
The prize was awarded on October 12 at Mines Paritech (Sophia Antipolis).

MBE 2016 : Al Cho price (09/2016)

Prix al Cho 2016 During the 19th MBE International Conference in Montpellier (4-9/09/2016), Jean Massies has been awarded the Al Cho Award for his entire career and his pioneering work on Molecular Jets Epitaxy (MJE) GaAs, GaN and metal layers.
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