Discover the site, activities and staff of CRHEA thanks to short videos.

Portrait of Max Meunier
My Phd in 180s of Max Meunier, PhD in CRHEA (CNRS-UCA) - March 2021 (duration 03:24)
My Phd in 180s of Victor Fan Arcara
My Phd in 180s of Victor Fan Arcara : Jonctions tunnel pour les LEDs à ultraviolet - Mars 2019 (duration: 03:00 - in french).
Vue aérienne du CRHEA
Overview of the CRHEA implanted in the middle of the pine forest in Sophia Antipolis in the Alpes Maritimes (video of Luan Nguyen, duration 00:32).
Portraits of Victor
"Zeste de thèse" with Victor Fan Arcara, PhD at CRHEA (CNRS-UCA) and fan of football - June 2020 (duration 06:33)
CRHEATEC la centrale de technologie
Presentation of CRHEATEC, the Centrale de Technologie du CRHEA, which is an integral part of the C'Nano PACA regional network (duration: 2:42 - in french).
Portrait de jeune chercheur
Portrait of a young CRHEA researcher, Jesús Zúñiga-Pérez, head of the Nano research team and member of C'Nano PACA (duration: 2:23 - in french).