Accessibility of the CRHEA website

For several years, CRHEA has been trying to present its activities through its website with the objective of offering a level of accessibility for people with disabilities the best possible. For to do so, we rely on the recommendations issued by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and in particular the WCAG 2.1 rules (Web Content Acessibility Guidelines). Read more... .

Separation of form and content

The content of html (static pages) or asp (dynamic pages) pages is freed from the constraints of the style that is implemented in sheets separated (CSS). This allows a more consistent reading. The pages are structured in such a way as to make the content understandable even if the use CSS is disabled.
This site has been developed in HTML 5 and CSS 3 without any CMS to reduce its environmental footprint and improve its performances.


Main navigation

A horizontal drop-down menu with a return to the home page is posted on each page of the site. It gives access to 5 drop-down menus ("The laboratory", "The research", "Poles of expertise", "Practice" and "News". The constituent elements of each of these sub-menus are displayed on the left of each page accessed. A flag located to the right of the horizontal menu toggles between french and english versions of the website. The main menu meets pointing devices and is also compatible to keyboard alternatives. By pressing the "Tab" key, it is possible to move in the elements of each submenu. To view the page desired, press the "Enter" key after selecting the option of menu. In smartphone display, the main menu is folded. To unfold it, you can use pointing devices or keyboard alternatives. To unfold a submenu, select the "+" sign to the right of each main menu option and use the pointing devices or "Enter" key.


A navigation mark is placed to the left of each page just under the horizontal menu. Entitled "navigation", it allows to sit at all moment in the website and possibly go back to a level of top navigation.


Links to the pages that we think are more important to the eyes of our visitors or more frequently visited were placed in this zoned.


The site map shows the organization of the different pages of the site following the display of the contents of the main menu and the links proposed in the footer.


Each image is accompanied by an alternative description and a legend.

Browser compatibility

This site has been tested for optimal viewing under :
  • Firefox 60
  • Microsoft Edge 41
  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome 67

For any remark concerning the accessibility of this site and its improvement, do not hesitate to Contact us.