Clément Majorel Winner of the Micrograph Award 2023

Picture by Clément Majorel

Congratulations to Clément Majorel who impressed with his work on metasurfaces. He won first place with his image: "Bio-inspired plate optics for directional 3D light imaging and ranging"

MBE tool benefits from joint development with CRHEA

illustration MBE49

- Riber says its latest Asian order for an MBE 49 production machine for element III nitride applications (GaN, AlN) is a clear technological and commercial success for MBE in a competitive market, and a direct result of joint development work with the French lab CNRS - CRHEA.Read more...
- Read also Riber's press release.

A wide field of view 3D imaging system for robotics and automobile

illustration lidar A CRHEA team is proposing LiDAR technology - a 3D imaging device - which meets the requirements of the automotibe industry. Compact, capable of sweeping a wide area at high frequency field of vision, these new generation LiDARs could equip autonomous cars, but also robots, drones and any other mobile device. Read more...