Photo de Aly Zaiter
Name : Aly Zaiter
Status : PhD Student
Team(s) : Opto   
: +33 4 93 95 4217


Publications (1)

⋄ DUV LEDs based on AlGaN Quantum Dots

Julien Brault, Mohamed Al Khalfioui, Mathieu Leroux, Samuel Matta, Thi-Huong Ngo, Aly Zaiter, Aimeric Courville, Benjamin Damilano, Sébastien Chenot, Jean-Yves Duboz, Jean Massies, P. Valvin, Bernard Gil
Proc. SPIE, 11686,  116860T, (2021) - Article de conférence - invité

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Development of materials based on aluminum nitride and application to the production of ultra-violet light-emitting diodes
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