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Post-doc : arrival of Renato Juliano Martins (11/2018)

Picture of Renato Juliano Martins Arrival of Renato Juliano Martins who joins the Nano team under the responsability of Patrice Genevet for 12 months.
Subject of his post-doc : "Realization of new devices high-speed detection and telemetry using metasurfaces" for the i-LIDAR PoC project 2019.

PhD : begin of a new PhD (12/2019)

Picture of Kilian Baril Kilian Baril starts a PhD in CRHEA in the Nano team under the responsability of Jesús Zúñiga-Pérez, Blandine Alloing and Guy Feuillet (CEA-Leti).
Title : From nano heteroepitaxy to micro LEDs based on GaN.
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PhD : begin of a new PhD (11/2019)

Picture of Max Meunier Max Meunier starts a PhD in CRHEA in the Nano team under the responsability of Jesús Zúñiga-Pérez and for the project "UNIQUE".
Title : GaN-based single-photon emitters at telecom wavelengths: electrical injection and room-temperature operation.
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PhD : defense of Mario Ferraro (12/2019)

Picture of Mario Ferraro Mario Ferraro defended his PhD work on "Integration of metasurfaces in optoelectronic devices and control of laser emission".
The defense took place in the amphitheater of CRHEA December 12 2019.

PhD : defense of Gauthier Brière (11/2019)

Picture of Gauthier Brière Gauthier Brière defended his PhD work on "Development of meta-optics based on III-V semiconductor materials for applications in the visible range".
The defense took place in the amphitheater of CRHEA November 28 2019.

PhD : defense of Nolwenn Le Biavan (11/2019)

Picture of Nolwenn Le Biavan Nolwenn Le Biavan defended her PhD work on "Toward a zinc oxide based quantum cascade laser" on November 13 2019 in the amphitheater of CRHEA.

Retirement : a new stage for Mathieu Leroux (10/2019)

Picture of Mathieu Leroux Mathieu Leroux, exceptional class researcher, Optics expert, in the SCR team, leaves CRHEA to start a new life. We wish him the best for the future.

80 years of the CNRS: the CRHEA present at the village of science (10/2019)

Image of the escape game Return to future CRHEA participates in the science village organized by the DR20 on 12 and 13 October 2019 on the Campus Azur on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the CNRS. The theme of the CRHEA stand is « From the atom to the light ». Workshops :
  • The lemon pile : playful workshop which allows to approach the notions of electric current and light
  • Newton's disk : coloring workshop that addresses the concept of composition of white light
  • The LED game : the participant is an atom, he moves on a hopscotch made of bright slabs
  • A showroom made up of several experiments on the theme of light: decomposition of light, Newton disk and model of a white RGB LED
  • CRHEA has also created an escape game in collaboration with the regional delegation whose theme is « Return to future »

Trainee : arrival of Constance Colmagro (09/2019)

Photo de Constance Colmagro Constance Colmagro joins the Nano team for an internship under the responsability of Patrice Genevet until September 3, 2021. Her employer is Napa Technologie, an industrial partner of the ANR OPERA project.

Mobility : arrival of Samira Khadir (09/2019)

Photo de Samira Khadir Arrival of Samira Khadir, Lecturer coming from Fresnel Institute (Marseille). she joins the Nano team under the responsability of Patrice Genevet in the Metasurfaces group.

Visitor : arrival of Marius Grundmann (09/2019)

Picture of Marius Grundmann Marius Grundmann joins the Nano team for 8 months under the responsabilty of Jesús Zúñiga-Pérez. The subject of his work is : "Oxynitrides growth and fabrication of associated electronic devices".

PhD : defence of Rami Mantach (09/2019)

Picture of Rami Mantach Rami Mantach defended his PhD work on "Semipolar GaN pseudo-substrates" in the conference room of CRHEA on september 10th, 2019 at 10.30 AM. He is graduated of Nice University.
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2nd UCA materials day (09/2019)

Picture of microscopy The second UCA materials day took place on September 13 in the premises of the IMRA company in Sophia Antipolis. Registration is free and includes lunch.

Post-doc : arrival of Luzhou Chen (08/2019)

Picture of Luzhou Chen Arrival of Luzhou Chen, chinese post-doc, working in Singapore (School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering). She joins the Nano team under the responsability of Patrice Genevet for one year.

Death of Marc De Micheli (07/2019)

Picture of Marc De Micheli CRHEA is in mourning following the death of Marc De Micheli on July 10, 2019, following a devastating stroke.
Marc De Micheli was Director of Research at the CNRS, he was a member of the INPHYNI Laboratory in Nice, but was also considered unofficially as a member of our laboratory with whom he had established strong links as part of an inter-laboratory action on the subject of non-linear optics. On the one hand, it relied on the technological equipment of CRHEA and its clean room to develop its historical subject, the nonlinear optical components based on lithium niobate. On the other hand, he developed non-linear optics in nitride materials, working on the design, growth and characterization of specific structures based on AlGaN. He had strong collaborations with a large number of people in the laboratory, including those in charge of epitaxy.
This action at the interface of two laboratories was in the image of all the commitment of Marc De Micheli to put people working together, to give life to the institutions and to develop the interfaces between the groups. Fleeing no responsibility, Marc De Micheli has always had the courage to commit to others, to a group, to an idea, and has always accepted missions, even difficult, for the collective interest, whether at the level of laboratories, of the University or competitiveness clusters like Optitec.
CRHEA is in mourning for a great researcher, an indefatigable craftsman of the construction of institutions and human relations. We are mourning a man of benevolence and kindness.
All CRHEA staff members are associated with the immense pain felt by the entire Riviera community and extend their deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.

Visitor : arrival of Lior Michaeli (07/2019)

Picture of Lior Michaeli Arrival of Lior Michaeli coming from Tel Aviv University (Isaraël) in the Nano team under the responsability of Patrice Genevet from 20/07 to 18/08/2019.

MT180 : a student from CRHEA in regional final (03/2018)

Logo Ma thèse en 180 s Victor Fan Arcara, actually doing a PhD in CRHEA, will participate to the regional final of "My PhD in 180 seconds" at the National Theater of Nice, in Michel Simon room on the i5th of march 2019.
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Retirement : end of career for Gerard Molino (02/2019)

Picture of Gerard Molino Gerard Molino, assistant engineer in the Workshop team, leaves CRHEA to start a new life. We wish him the best.

PhD : begin if a new PhD (01/2019)

Picture of Valeria Bonito Oliva Valeria Bonito Oliva starts a PhD in CRHEA in the SCR team under the responsability of Philippe Vennéguès. Title : Atomic scale studies of high O and Si doping effects on III-N films properties
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