Highlights SCR

Al5+αSi5+δN12, a new Nitride semiconductor (2019)

A new semiconductor, Al5+αSi5+δN12, was synthesized by high temperature annealing of aluminum nitride films under silicon flux.
A high resolution transmission electron microscopy study combined with theoretical calculations allowed to determine the crystalline structure of this new material.


A new Vision on the primitive objects of the solar system (2018)

To understand the first stages of the formation of the solar system has always animated the community of physicists, astrophysicists and cosmochemists. In this research, the analysis of the main constituents of so-called primitive meteorites represents a major challenge in view of their potential role as witnesses of the mechanisms that occurred in the first 5 million years of the life of our solar system.


Towards the comprehension of dislocations generation in epitaxially-grown (0001) wurtzite layers (2018)

Materials with a hexagonal wurzite structure (III-Nitrides, ZnO-based...) have a lot of applications in optoelectronic and microelectronic. Due to the lack of available large size and low price substrates, wurtzite films are most of the time heteroepitaxially-grown on foreign substrate.