Since its creation, CRHEA has developed numerous partnerships, in particular with several manufacturers. Find below those which marked the history of the laboratory and are now completed.

Logo Lumilog

The company Lumilog (based in Vallauris, 06) was created at the end of 2002 by three CRHEA researchers and in partnership with the CNRS to evaluate the results obtained in the laboratory on the growth of GaN. Lumilog manufactured and marketed GaN self-supporting templates and substrates. Lumilog was acquired in 2008 by Saint Gobain. Lumilog ceased operations in 2021.

Logo Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain has engaged with CRHEA in an action of expertise of its substrates for the growth of Gallium Nitride (GaN). Saint-Gobain relies on CRHEA's EPVOM growth expertise to increase its activity in the field of substrates for the growth of semiconductors for optoelectronic or electronic devices.