⋄ Missions

The administration is composed of 3 people. Its mission is to enable scientific and technical teams achieve their mission in the best conditions while respecting the directives and administrative rules.
It is in charge of laboratory administration: unit budget management, secretary and human resources management, training.

⋄ The human ressources

  • Handles all operations related to administrative administration of personal:
    • permanent: career management, advice and support, social aspects...
    • non-permanent (trainees, doctoral students, post-docs, fixed-term contracts, etc.): preparation of recruitment files and follow-up throughout the contractual commitment
    • visitors and guests
  • Provides the interface with the Prefectural Services and the OFFI for the reception of foreign staff: Management of Reception Conventions, administrative operations allowing the issuance of residence cards...
  • Provides the interface with the CNRS Defense Officials Service

⋄ The reception, the training and the travel management

  • Reception and travel management :
    • Ensure physical and telephone reception of visitors and external (users)
    • Ensure the logistical organization of events (conferences, meetings, seminars, symposia) of the laboratory
    • Manage the travel of all the agents of the laboratory and invited researchers
  • Permanent training :
    • Collect training needs of staff, write and follow the formation plan of the unit
  • Communication :
    • Create editing materials (flyer, poster, banner, reports…)
    • Manage internal and external communication and scientific outreach in collaboration with the communication service from the Delegation Côte d'Azur of CNRS

⋄ The financial management

  • The implementation of the budget and its execution:
    • GESLAB administrator
    • Validation of orders and user training
    • Implementation of budget arborescence
    • Revenue tracking
    • Expenditure tracking
    • Financial monitoring of scientific events organized by the laboratory
    • Management of exceptional receipts
  • Follow-up of DIALOG budget requests
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Establishment and monitoring of advertising notices
  • Interface between the laboratory and the financial services of the delegation
  • Justification of contracts
  • Administrator WEBCONTRAT (36 contracts in progress)
    • 4 european contracts (1 ERC)
    • 26 National Research Agency contracts (1 labex)
    • 4 regional contracts
  • Preparation of the forecast with the scientific authorities
  • Follow-up of agreements and invoices (accommodation, external services)
  • The financial service is intended to support the scientific managers and the management of the laboratory in the financial affairs in view of the current regulations of the establishment

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