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⋄ Metasurface-enhanced light detection and ranging technology

Renato Juliano Martins, Emil Marinov, M. Aziz Ben Youssef, Christina Kyrou, Mathilde Joubert, Constance Colmagro, Valentin Gâté, Colette Turbil, Pierre-Marie Coulon, Daniel Turover, Samira Khadir, Massimo Giudici, Charalambos Klitis, Marc Sorel & Patrice Genevet
Nat. Commun, 13, 5724 , (2022)

⋄ 8H Stacking Faults in a 4H-SiC Matrix: Simple Unit Cell or Double 3C Quantum Well?

T. Robert, S. Juillaguet, M. Marinova, T. Chassagne, I. Tsiaoussis, N. Frangis, E.K. Polychroniadis and J. Camassel
Mat. Sci. For., 615-617, 339-342, (2009)
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⋄ Combined structural and optical studies of stacking faults in 4H-SiC layers grown by chemical vapour deposition

M. Marinova, T. Robert, S. Juillaguet, I. Tsiaoussis, N. Frangis, E. Polychroniadis, J. Camassel, T. Chassagne
Phys. Stat. Sol. A, 206, 1924-1930, (2009)
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