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⋄ The low temperature limit of the excitonic Mott density in GaN: an experimental reassessment

Léo Mallet-Dida, Pierre Disseix, François Réveret, François Médard, Blandine Alloing, Jesús Zúñiga-Pérez and Joël Leymarie
New J. Phys., 24, 033031, (2022)
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⋄ Competition between horizontal and vertical polariton lasing in planar microcavities

O. Jamadi, F. Réveret, D. Solnyshkov, P. Disseix, J. Leymarie, L. Mallet-Dida, C. Brimont, T. Guillet, X. Lafosse, S. Bouchoule, F. Semond, M. Leroux, J. Zúñiga-Pérez, and G. Malpuech
Phys. Rev. B, 99, 085304, (2019)
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