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  • A document A2 matches this request published without the research report
  • The the research report is published later as document A3
  • The issued patent est publié as document B
  • Une publication A1 est une demande de brevet européen publiée avec le rapport de recherche
  • Un document A2 correspond à cette demande publiée sans le rapport de recherche
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FR3001334 (B1)

Method for the production of monilithic white diodes

G. Nataf, P. de Mierry, S. Chenot
CN105051917 (A), CN105051917 (B), EP2948987 (A1), FR3001334 (A1), US2016005918 (A1), JP2016508668 (A), US9728673 (B2), WO2014114731 (A1)

FR3003402 (B1)

Monolithic light-emitting device

B. Damilano, H. Kim-Chauveau, E. Frayssinet, J. Brault, P. De Mierry, S. Chenot, J. Massies
CN105122475 (A), CN105122475 (B), EP2973754 (A1), FR3003402 (A1), US2016043272 (A1), JP2016513878 (A), WO2014140118 (A1)

FR3019380 (B1)

Semiconducting pixel, matrix of such pixels, semiconductiong structure for the production of such pixels and their methods of fabrication

B. Damilano, J-Y. Duboz
EP3127159 (A1), FR3019380 (A1), US2017213868 (A1), JP2017513225 (A), KR20160139004 (A), WO2015150281 (A1)

FR3021454 (A1)

Method for manufacturing a semiconductor material including a semipolar III-Nitrie layer

P. de Mierry, F. Tendille, P. Vennéguès
EP3146558 (A1), US2017092482 (A1), JP2017522721 (A), WO2015177220 (A1)

FR3038714 (B1)

FR3037341 (A1)

Method for producing nanostructures

S. Vézian, B. Damilano, J. Brault
EP3307927 (A1), CN107849735 (A), JP2018526230 (A), KR20180017124 (A), WO2016198341 (A1)

FR3031833 (B1)

Method for producing a passivated semiconductor structure based on group III nitrides, and one such structure

F. Semond, J. Massies, E. Frayssinet
CN107408492 (A), EP3248212 (A1), FR3031833 (A1), US2018012753 (A1), JP2018509754 (A), KR20170105598 (A), WO2016116713 (A1)

FR3031834 (B1)

Production of a semiconductor support based on group III nitrides

F. Semond, J. Massies, E. Frayssinet
FR3031834 (A1), CN107251189 (A), EP3248213 (A1), JP2018509755 (A), KR20170102022 (A), US2018019120 (A1), WO2016116715 (A1)

E. Frayssinet, F. Semond, Y. Cordier, B. Damilano, G. Gomme

FR3059147 (A1)

Semiconductor heterostructures with wurtzite-type structure on ZnO substrate

J. Brault, M. Al Khalfioui, B. Damilano, J.M. Chauveau

FR2807909 (B1)

Thin semiconductor GaInN layer method for preparing same, light-emitting diode comprising said layer illumination device

J. Massies, N. Grandjean, B. Damilano
AU5048601 (A), CA2405517 (A1), CA2405517 (C), CN1422444 (A), EP1273049 (A1), EP1273049 (B1), FR2807909 (A1), FR2807909 (B1), JP2003530703 (A), JP5296280 (B2), KR100900933 (B1), KR20030001405 (A), US2003092209 (A1), US6730943 (B2), WO0178157 (A1), AT524836 (T)

FR2898434 (B1)

Method of manufacturing a light-emitting diode

J. Massies, B. Damilano
EP1994571 (A1), FR2898434 (A1), US2011045623 (A1), JP2009530803 (A), KR20080104368 (A), US2009101934 (A1), US8470618 (B2), WO2007104884 (A1)

FR2926675 (B1)

Method for obtaining a structured material with through openings, in particular nitries of type III semiconductors structured according to photonic crystal patterns

S. David, P. Boucaud, F. Semond
EP2232314 (A1), FR2926675 (A1), EP2232314 (B, US2011084310 (A1), WO2009092981 (A1)

FR2888398 (B1)

Highly Oxygen-Sensitive Silicon Layer and Method for Obtaining Same

P. Soukiassian, F. Semond
EP1900012 (A1), FR2888398 (A1), US2009294776 (A1), JP2008544945 (A), WO2007003638 (A1)

FR2860101 (B1)

Protection od SiC surface by GaN layer

B. Daudin, J. Brault
AT532213 (T) EP1517368 (A2) EP1517368 (A3) EP1517368 (B1) FR2860101 (A1), JP2005097104 (A), JP4745635 (B2), US2005202284 (A1), US7354619 (B2)

US2019285547 (A1)

Device and method for providing illumination for total-internal-reflection fluorescence microscopy using opaque mask

A. Giacomotti, M. Brunstein, A. Cattoni, S. Bouchoule, B. Damilano, D. Lefebvre
EP3465320 (A1), EP3465320 (B1), FR3051921 (A1), FR3051921 (B1), JP2019522814 (A), JP6918023 (B2), US11047799 (B2), WO2017207360 (A1)

FR3091022 (B1)

Method for manufacturing optoelectronic structures provided with coplanar light emitting diodes

G.Feuillet, B. Damilano, J.Y. Duboz, C. Largeron
FR3091022 (A1), CN111354757 (A), EP3671842 (A1), US2020203556 (A1)

FR3093862 (A1)

Optoelectronic semiconductor structure comprising a p-type injection layer based on InGaN

D. Sotta, M. Rozhavskaia, B. Damilano
CN113272972 (A), EP3939097 (A1), TW202101784 (A), WO2020182457 (A1)