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The steps of the installation of the new TEM (08/2021)

Structural and chemical characterizations of materials down to atomic scale become essential to the understanding of the fundamental mechanisms governing their modes of formation and their properties of use. 7 academic labs and 2 companies from different areas of research (semiconductors, metallurgy, mineralogy, archeology…), led by CRHEA, have conducted the ACT-M (advanced characterization technics for materials) project for the acquisition of a scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM). Thanks to CNRS, Côte d’Azur University (UCA), région Sud, IMRA Europe Company and European funding’s, an up-to-date Thermo Fishers Spectra 200 has been acquired. Its installation began July 5, 2021. It will be fully operational in November 2021. This STEM is fitted with a probe corrector resulting to a spatial resolution of 70pm allowing atomic scale imaging. Highly sensitive energy dispersive X-Ray spectroscopy (EDX) will be possible thanks two large detectors (solid angle 1.8sr). A nanobeam electron diffraction module completes the configuration for phase and orientation mapping. ACT-M STEM, at the cutting edge of technology, will allow researchers and engineers from UCA area and further to compete in the very challenging field of material research.

Image HAADF haute résolution
High resolution HAADF image of a
ZnMgO/ZnO superlattice with its corresponding
EDX chemical map

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