Photo de Aimeric Courville
Nom : Aimeric Courville
Statut : Ingénieur
Grade : IECN
Équipe(s) : Opto SCR  AFM
: +33 4 93 95 4226


Responsable du bâti vertical MOCVD dans l'équipe Opto (50%)
Responsable de l'activité Microscopie à force atomique (AFM) dans l'équipe SCR (50%)


EPVOM, Nitrures d'éléments III (III-N)

Publications (24)

⋄ Molecular beam epitaxy of GaN/AlGaN quantum wells on bulk GaN substrate in the step-flow or step meandering regime: Influence on indirect exciton diffusion

B. Damilano, R. Aristégui, H. Teisseyre, S. Vézian, V. Guigoz, A. Courville, I. Florea, P. Vennéguès, M. Bockowski, T. Guillet, and M. Vladimirova
J. Appl. Phys., 135,  095702, (2024) - Papier régulier

⋄ Crystalline Quality and Surface Morphology Improvement of Face-to-Face Annealed MBE-Grown AlN on h-BN

Aly Zaiter, Adrien Michon, Maud Nemoz, Aimeric Courville, Philippe Vennéguès, Vishnu Ottapilakkal, Phuong Vuong, Suresh Sundaram, Abdallah Ougazzaden, Julien Brault
Materials, 15,  8602, (2022) - Papier régulier

⋄ CVD Elaboration of 3C-SiC on AlN/Si Heterostructures: Structural Trends and Evolution during Growth

M. Portail, E. Frayssinet, A. Michon, S. Rennesson, F. Semond, A. Courville, M. Zielinski, R. Comyn, L. Nguyen, Y. Cordier, P. Vennéguès
Crystals, 12,  1605, (2022) - Papier régulier

⋄ On the origin of twist in 3D nucleation islands of tetrahedrally coordinated semiconductors heteroepitaxially grown along hexagonal orientations

P. Vennéguès, L. Largeau, V. Brändli, B. Damilano, K. Tavernier, R. Bernard, A. Courville, S. Rennesson, F. Semond, G. Feuillet, and C. Cornet
J. Appl. Phys., 132,  165102, (2022) - Papier régulier

⋄ Low-loss GaN-on-insulator platform for integrated photonics

Opt. Express, 30,  20737, (2022) - Papier régulier

⋄ DUV LEDs based on AlGaN Quantum Dots

Julien Brault, Mohamed Al Khalfioui, Mathieu Leroux, Samuel Matta, Thi-Huong Ngo, Aly Zaiter, Aimeric Courville, Benjamin Damilano, Sébastien Chenot, Jean-Yves Duboz, Jean Massies, P. Valvin, Bernard Gil
Proc. SPIE, 11686,  116860T, (2021) - Article de conférence - invité

⋄ (Ga,In)N/GaN light emitting diodes with a tunnel junction and a rough n-contact layer grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition

V. Fan Arcara, B. Damilano, G. Feuillet, A. Courville, S. Chenot, and J.-Y. Duboz
AIP. Adv, 9,  055101, (2019) - Papier régulier

⋄ Intentional polarity conversion of AlN epitaxial layers by oxygen

N. Stolyarchuk, T. Markurt, A. Courville, K. March, J. Zúñiga-Pérez, P. Vennéguès & M. Albrecht
Sci Rep., 8,  14111, (2018) - Papier régulier

⋄ Optical properties of InxGa1-xN/GaN quantum-disks obtained by selective area sublimation

B. Damilano, S. Vézian, M. Portail, B. Alloing, J. Brault, A. Courville, V. Brändli, M. Leroux, J. Massies
J. Cryst. Growth, 477,  262, (2017) - Papier régulier

⋄ Photo-induced droop in blue to red light emitting InGaN/GaN single quantum wells structures

T.H. Ngo, B. Gil, B. Damilano, P. Valvin, A. Courville, and P. de Mierry
J. Appl. Phys., 122,  063103, (2017) - Papier régulier

⋄ Ion-induced interdiffusion of surface GaN quantum dots

C. Rothfuchs, F. Semond, M. Portail, O. Tottereau, A. Courville, A. Wieck, A. Ludwig
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, 409,  107, (2017) - Article de conférence

⋄ Impact of sapphire nitridation on formation of Al-polar inversion domains in N-polarAlN epitaxial layers

N. Stolyarchuk, T. Markurt, A. Courville, K. March, O. Tottereau, P. Vennéguès, and M. Albrecht
J. Appl. Phys., 122,  155303, (2017) - Papier régulier

⋄ The microstructure, local indium composition and photoluminescence in green-emitting InGaN/GaN quantum wells

N. Chery, T.H. Ngo, M.P. Chauvat, B. Damilano, A. Courville, P. De Mierry, T. Grieb, T. Mehrtens, F.F. Krause, K. MüLler-Caspary, M. Schowalter, B. Gil, A. Rosenauer, and P. Ruterana
J. Microsc., 268,3,  305-312, (2017) - Papier régulier

⋄ Internal quantum efficiency in polar and semipolar (11–22) In x Ga 1-x N/In y Ga 1-y N quantum wells emitting from blue to red

T.H. Ngo, N. Chery, P. Valvin, A. Courville, P. de Mierry, B. Damilano, P. Ruterana, B. Gil
Superlattices Microstruct., 113,  129-134, (2017) - Papier régulier

⋄ Efficient second harmonic generation in low-loss planar GaN waveguides

M. Gromovyi, J. Brault, A. Courville, S. Rennesson, F. Semond, G. Feuillet, P. Baldi, P. Boucaud, Jean-Yves Duboz, and M. P. De Micheli
Opt. Express, 25,  23035-23044, (2017) - Papier régulier

⋄ Polarity Control in Group-III Nitrides beyond Pragmatism

S. Mohn, N. Stolyarchuk, T. Markurt, R. Kirste, M. P. Hoffmann, R. Collazo, A. Courville, R. Di Felice, Z. Sitar, P. Vennéguès, and M. Albrecht
Phys. Rev. Applied, 5,  054004, (2016) - Papier régulier

⋄ Investigation of AlyGa1−yN/Al0.5Ga0.5N quantum dot properties for the design of ultraviolet emitters

J. Brault, S. Matta, T.H. Ngo, M. Korytov, D. Rosales, B. Damilano, M. Leroux, P. Vennéguès, M. Al Khalfioui, A. Courville, O. Tottereau, J. Massies, B. Gil
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., 55,  05FG06, (2016) - Papier régulier

⋄ Growth of nitride-based light emitting diodes with a high-reflectivity distributed Bragg reflector on mesa-patterned silicon substrate

B. Damilano, S. Brochen, J. Brault, T. Hossain, F. Réveret, E. Frayssinet, S. Chenot, A. Courville, Y. Cordier and F. Semond
Phys. Stat. Sol. A, 212,  2297–2301, (2015) - Papier régulier

⋄ Influence of 3C-SiC/Si(111) template properties on the strain relaxation in thick GaN films

Y. Cordier, E. Frayssinet, M. Portail, M. Zielinski, T. Chassagne, M. Korytov, A. Courville, S. Roy, M. Nemoz, M. Chmielowska, P. Vennéguès, H.P.D. Schenk, M. Kennard, A. Bavard, D. Rondi
J. Cryst. Growth, 398,  23, (2014) - Papier régulier

⋄ Growth of GaN nanostructures with polar and semipolar orientations for the fabrication of UV LEDs

J. Brault, B. Damilano, A. Courville, M. Leroux, A. Kahouli, M. Korytov, P. Vennéguès, G. Randazzo, S. Chenot, B. Vinter, P. De Mierry, J. Massies, D. Rosales, T. Bretagnon, B. Gil
Proc. SPIE, 8986,  89860Z, (2014) - Article de conférence

⋄ GaN high electron mobility transistors on Silicon substrates with MBE/PVD AlN seed layers

Y. Cordier, E. Frayssinet, M. Chmielowska, M. Nemoz, A. Courville, P. Vennéguès, P. De Mierry, S. Chenot, J. Camus, K. Ait Aissa, Q. Simon, L. Le Brizoual, M. A. Djouadi, N. Defrance, M. Lesecq, P. Altuntas, A. Cutivet, A. Agboton, J.C. De Jaeger
Phys. Stat. Sol. C, 3-4,  498-501, (2014) - Article de conférence

⋄ Polar and semipolar GaN/Al0.5Ga0.5N nanostructures for UV light emitters

J. Brault, D. Rosales, B. Damilano, M. Leroux, A. Courville, M. Korytov, S. Chenot, P. Vennéguès, B. Vinter, P. De Mierry, A. Kahouli, J. Massies, T. Bretagnon and B. Gil
Semicond. Sci. Tech., 29,  084001, (2014) - Papier invité

⋄ Imaging and counting threadingdislocations in c-oriented epitaxialGaN layers

M. Khoury, A. Courville, B. Poulet, M. Teisseire, E. Beraudo, M.J. Rashid, E. Frayssinet, B. Damilano, F. Semond, O. Tottereau and P Vennéguès
Semicond. Sci. Tech., 28,  035006, (2013) - Papier régulier

⋄ GaN/Al0.5Ga0.5N (11-22) semipolar nanostructures: A way to get highluminescence efficiency in the near ultraviolet range

A. Kahouli, N. Kriouche, J. Brault, B. Damilano, P. Vennéguès, P. de Mierry, M. Leroux, A. Courville, O. Tottereau and J. Massies
J. Appl. Phys., 110,  084318, (2011) - Papier régulier