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Optical Parametric Oscillator Integrated on III-Nitrides Platform


PROJECT summary

Optical Parametric Oscillators, OPOs, are mainly used as coherent sources, at wavelengths where no laser exists or when a tunable source is required. As they dont exist in a compact form such as laser diodes, they have not found yet consumer applications, and they are mainly used for military or scientific applications. On chip, cms size Parametric Oscillator would be a game changer and should enable to address many additional applications in spectroscopy, communications, bio-medical studies and sensing. In the OPOINt project, we have gathered a consortium that has all the required expertise to realize such a source using the III-nitride platform. In the frame of the project, we propose to develop the necessary technologies and demonstrate an integrated OPO pumped around 800 nm and covering all the telecom windows (1.2 1.7 m). We will test different configurations with the objective of having threshold of a few Watts and an output power around 100mW.

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