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Name : Sebastian Tamariz
Status : Comment PhD Student
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Team(s) : Opto   
: +33 4 93 95 4368


Responsibility for the operation of a molecular beam epitaxy growth reactor RIBER 49

Publications (2)

⋄ High Al-content AlGaN channel high electron mobility transistors on silicon substrate

J. Mehta, I. Abid, J. Bassaler, J. Pernot, P. Ferrandis, M. Nemoz, Y. Cordier, S. Rennesson, S. Tamariz, F. Semond, and F. Medjdoub
Advances in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Energy, 3,  100114, (2023) - Papier régulier

⋄ Low Trapping Effects and High Blocking Voltage in Sub-Micron-Thick AlN/GaN Millimeter-Wave Transistors Grown by MBE on Silicon Substrate

Elodie Carneiro, Stéphanie Rennesson, Sebastian Tamariz, Kathia Harrouche, Fabrice Semond and Farid Medjdoub
Electronics, 12,  2974, (2023) - Papier régulier

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