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Lumilog (based in Vallauris, 06) was created in late 2002 by three researchers CRHEA and in partnership with the CNRS to exploit the results obtained in the laboratory on the growth of GaN. Lumilog manufactures and markets template and GaN self supported substrates. Lumilog was bought in 2008 by Saint Gobain.

NOVASiC (based in Bourget du Lac, 73) is a global leader in polishing material, including silicon carbide. In order to expand his skills and work on Silicon Carbide, NOVASiC has since 2001 on the site of CRHEA, a joint activity Novasic-CRHEA in the field of reactor growth and epitaxy.

Since its inception (1983) the laboratory, a close collaboration with the French company Riber (Rueil Malmaison-based, 92) which became the world's leading manufacturer of reactors Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE). A recent example of action (1997-2000) is developing a new series of machines MBE R & D (series "Compact 21"), whose prototype was designed and developed in partnership with the CRHEA.

This ongoing partnership has resulted in the establishment in 2003, on the site of CRHEA, of a joint Laboratory Riber-CRHEA on the theme of the Molecular Beam Epitaxy of Gallium Nitride.

French company created in 1985 for the industrial production of thin films of III-V semiconductors (using the technique of Molecular Beam Epitaxy - MBE) for the manufacture of electronic components, Picogiga is a world leader in the field. A research collaboration agreement between the CRHEA and Picogiga was initiated in June 2000 and resulted in the introduction to Picogiga (2000-2003) of the process of MBE growth of Gallium Nitride on silicon substrate developed at CRHEA (patent No. EP1290721 publication). SOITEC bought Picogiga in 2003.

CRHEA collaborates with STMicroelectronics (Crolles and Tours) in different programs related to Gallium Nitride on Silicon.

A long-term collaboration is established, since the laboratory creation, with Thales Research & Technology (former Central Laboratory of Thomson-CSF). A recent example of achievement in partnership for the manufacture of UV detectors based alloys of Gallium Nitride and Aluminum Nitride.

Saint-Gobain is committed with CRHEA in an action of expertise of its substrates for growth of Gallium Nitride. Saint-Gobain is based on the expertise of the MOVPE growth CRHEA to increase its activity in the area of substrates for growth of semiconductors for electronic and optoelectronic devices.

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