CNRS-CRHEA web site

CRHEA hosts many websites presenting the various actions of the laboratory :

Logo OptoTeragan

Crhea hosts collaborative portals on various projects of the laboratory (Sinphoni, Zoterac, OptoTeraGaN).

Logo OptoTeragan

Crhea hosts OptoTeraGaN project website. The porject us funded by the "agence nationale de la recherche"

Sfmu2015 logo

CRHEA leads the organization of the 14th congress of the "Société Française des Microscopies" Sfµ2015 at Nice from june 30th to july 3rd 2015

Logo Ganex

GANEX is an excellence laboratory (labex) composed by a network of french laboratories working on a common subject, the elements III nitrides (AlInGaN). The leading representative of these elements is GaN

Logo NanoGanuv

Crhea hosts the website NanoGanUV, a project financed by the national research agency N ANR-14-CE26-0025-01

Crhea / Riber Logo

The Process Technology Center for GaN CNRS-CRHEA / Riber

Logo Crheatec

Crheatec, the technology center of CRHEA

Logo GDR Nanofils

The GdR Nanofils Semiconducteurs at Porquerolles (Var, FRANCE) from 17 to 21 October 2011

Logo IWZnO 2012

Welcome to IWZnO2012 at Nice (France), from 11 to 14 September 2012

Logo Wocsdice/Exmatec 2012

WOCSDICE/EXMATEC 2012 in Porquerolles island (Var, FRANCE) from 28 May to 1st June 2012