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Meeting : Polaritonics at JMC15 (08/2016)

Logo JMC15 CRHEA coorganizes a meeting on Polaritonics with Néel Institute of Grenoble during the "Journées 2016 de la Matière Condensée" (JMC15) in Bordeaux. See the flyer...
Read more on JMC15 website...

Meeting : E-MRS 2016 spring meeting (05/2016)

Logo E-MRS CRHEA coorganizes a meeting on Wide Bandgap Materials for electron devices. Read more on E-MRS website...
See the flyer...

Idex : UCAJedi project wins an Idex (01/2016)

Logo Idex UCA, Côte d’Azur University, the university community and high education institutions recently created on the Riviera territory, counting among the 25 French universitary and scientific groups and partners win, with the UCAJedi project, the highly selective Future Investment Programme "IDEX". Read more... (in french)


A microlaser for deep ultraviolet (04/2016)

Microlaser schema Teams of four laboratories, including CRHEA, realized the first microlaser operating in the deep ultraviolet, a spectral range for many applications in photo-chemistry and bacterial disinfection, but complex to achieve with semiconductor materials. Read more... (in french)

ANR : The OptoTeraGaN project starts in CRHEA (01/2016)

OptpTeraGaN logo The OptoTeraGaN project received a grant from the French National Research Agency to develop TeraHertz emitters and detectors based on AlGaN/GAN quantum cascades. The consortium is composed of CRHEA (coordinator), the Institute of Fundamental Electronics (IEF) in Orsay and the III-V lab in Palaiseau. See the website...

ERC : Flatlight project starts in CRHEA (10/2015)

ERC Logo This project winning a "Young researchers" grant in 2014 by the European Research Council (ERC), starts its work on functional metamaterials of dimension two at visible wavelength. Read more...


02/09/2016 at 10:00
Sebastian Lourdudoss (KTH, Stockholm (Suède))
Heteroepitaxy of InP on Si and Buried Heterostructure Quantum Cascade Lasers


Thesis : (5)

Transport properties in ZnO/ZnMgO heterostructures
ZnO-based lasers: from VCSELs to polariton lasers
All-semiconductor metasurfaces for visible and UV wavelengths
Towards a Zinc Oxide based quantum cascade device
Tunnel junctions in nitride heterostructures for LED applications

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